Our Story: A brief history of Team Certified Athletes

Our story started 25 years ago in Paris, France when a young, extremely driven, and talented street basketball player (Aly) and a young sport connector (Jean Pierre) both had a vision to do something great in sports.

Life kept one in Europe working as a sports connector between Europe and the United States and the other moved to the United States in pursuing a career in sports as a collegiate athlete But the friendship kept growing through the years.

As life kept them apart from each other all these years to bring them together once again in creating Certified Athletes with the intention to make it the next powerful brand in sports.

This teaches us all that real friendship matters, dreams matter, hard work matters, partnership matters, Loyalty matters and believing matters.

These are the pillars on which our brand stands. As you join our Team Certified Athletes, you will discover that we take care of our family.




A seasoned veteran in sports marketing, Jean-Pierre is a strategic powerhouse with a proven track record in fostering innovation and driving visions. His dynamic career has taken him through the high-profile corridors of the NBA, Euroleague, and NCAA, cementing his expertise in managing diverse entities ranging from international conglomerates to promising startups and small businesses.

The mastermind behind TEAM CERTIFIED ATHLETES, formerly known as TEAM FIKEO, Jean-Pierre has revolutionized youth sports structures, maintaining a robust network within global federations and clubs. This venture is a continuation of his prolific two-decade leadership in organizing the world-renowned Douai World Tournament, a premier U19 event that witnessed the rise of over 70 NBA players, including Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Carmelo Anthony, and Tony Parker.

Jean-Pierre's passion for sports is amplified by his background as a professional athlete, fueling his relentless drive and natural ability to synergize with a team. F

Furthermore, his deep-rooted expertise in emerging technologies, including AI, Robotics, and Blockchain, positions him at the forefront of the evolving sports industry. With his invaluable experience and dynamic approach, Jean-Pierre is a leading force in shaping the future of sports technology and marketing.

"Blazing trails from the court to the boardroom, my journey is a testament to the power of passion and innovation. In the realm of sports and technology, I envision a future where every athlete can reach their zenith, harnessing the full potential of their talent and tenacity. To me, that's the ultimate win." Jean-Pierre Ciesielski


Aly harnessed the vibrant energy of playing in the streets of Africa and Paris, France playgrounds, discovering his unwavering passion for sport at a tender age.

This love affair with athleticism propelled him to the courts of Akron St.Vincent St. Mary High School in Ohio, as a member of the starting five, he ran shoulder to shoulder with the future NBA legend, LeBron James, business tycoon Maverick Carter, CEO of UNINTERRUPTED and Brandon Weembs, Assistant General Manager for the NBA, Cleveland Cavaliers.

During his tenure at St. VM, Aly was showered with accolades, including a coveted McDonald's All-American Nomination, Two States Championships, and he was hailed as the #1 guard in Ohio of his class. His determination, grit, and skill secured him a full Division 1 athletic scholarship, allowing him to chase his dream of playing NCAA D1 basketball. After college Aly became an elite skill development coach and fitness pro trainer to many high profile high school, college and pro players. Aly is the man with a global vision, the brain behind several successful businesses that he founded in Tech, and sports in Africa and the United States.

Through sport, Aly has forged a multitude of invaluable friendships that span the globe and cultivated professional relationships that have given him an influential foothold in the sports industry.

" What drives me everyday is knowing that I can go to bed in peace because I gave everything I had to provide support to our Athletes that put them in the best position to strive for greatness as the chase their dream" - Aly Samabaly